Our Support

Eylex supports the product we sell, locally.


Supporting our customers is paramount to Eylex.  We understand that our customers require a capable and reliable in-country support and maintenance regime.  In order to provide this capability, Eylex have established a well-appointed service department and our technicians receive regular training on the equipment that forms our product range.  We have invested in OEM test equipment that provides the confidence that repaired equipment meets OEM specifications when returned to the customer.


To aid our maintenance capability, Eylex has established a number of technical assistance agreements with our partners to ensure that we are not hampered by export licensing requirements when repairing equipment.


Eylex can provide locally produced cabling to integrate our equipment onto a local platform.  Our experience with our equipment allows us to understand the specific cabling needs that communication systems require.

ILS and Documentation

Eylex has experience in producing ILS documentation for our products.  Some examples of our documentation include User Manuals, Technical Descriptions, Level of Repair Analysis, Recommended Spares Listings, MTTR and MTBF documentation etc.

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