NSN: 6150-01-606-5954

8' Extension Cable with Trailer Hitch


  • The 390651 is an '8 Extension Cable that allows for greater distances between power inputs and the chargers.
Cable Length
2438 mm
Weight 0.15 kg
Operating Temperature
- 20ºC to + 50ºC
Storage Temperature
- 40ºC to + 70ºC
Material / Colour
PVC / Black
Disposal Environmentally Safe - Contains Zero (0)% Mercury or Cadmium
BTC-70824-1 Li-Ion Charge Controller
BTC-70663 Advanced Solar Charge Controller
BTC-70480S ALI Solar Charger
BTC-70483S Dual ALI Charger
BTC-70747S Dual BB-2847/U Charger
BTC-70824-2 Multi-Chemistry Battery Cap Charger
BTC-70900S  Sophie Solar Charger
BTC-70755-1  Solar Charger, 1-Pack
BTA-70671  Trailer Hitch Cable with NATO Slave
BTA-70768  X90 Scavenger
BTA-70797  Y-Junction Cable for Solar Panel
BTA-70784  Trailer Hitch Cable with Alligator Clips
BTP-70227-T  Solar Panel, 124W, Tan
BTP-70822-3T  Solar Panel, 62W, Tan
BTP-70822-3G  Solar Panel, 62W, Green

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